VASS Pipe & Steel Co., Inc. is fully capable to handle additional requirements for your steel pipe needs.  Here are some of the specialized services we can offer:

  • Delivery
    VASS can deliver to any jobsite or warehouse throughout North America.  We can also deliver to any major port in the world for export jobs.  We ensure packaging, preparation, shipping, and paperwork are done efficiently and correctly.  Please contact us for mill deliveries or international deliveries.
  • Material Preparation
    Cutting, Grooving, Threading, Coupling, Beveling
  • Cleaning and Lacquering
    Sandblast and Lacquering to prepare O.D. (outer diameter) and I.D. (inner diameter) surface of pipes
  • Coating
    We are coating experts, experienced in both O.D. and I.D. coating including Fusion Bonded Epoxy, Abrasion Resistant Overlay (ARO),  TGF Coated & Wrapped, Three Layer Polyethylene/Polypropylene, Primer, Cement Lining, Coal Tar Epoxy, and more - all in accordance with internationally accepted standards.
  • Testing 
    Charpy Testing, DWTT Testing, Hardness Testing and more.  Please contact us for your specific testing needs.